Worldbuilding Masterclass with Team CRE8

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Wath again on Twitch or Youtube


Avatar artist LaTurbo Avedon enlisted the help of expert Fortnite creators Team CRE8 to construct Your Progress Will Be Saved, the first project in Virtual Factory – and now you can learn how to make your own worlds in this special worldbuilding masterclass.

Wertandrew from Team CRE8 joined us to host a live masterclass in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. You’ll learn how to create your own worlds using basic tools and techniques for game design, with a library of ready-made assets from Fortnite. Wertandrew was also joined by gaming influencer Mustard Plays for a live Q&A.

Your Progress Will Be Saved is part of Virtual Factory, a new series of online artworks inspired by the possibilities of The Factory – MIF’s future home. More than a million people have visited so far, and you can join them via


How can I join the masterclass?

The tutorial will be streamed live on Twitch and Youtube is free to all – you don’t need to preregister. If you have access to two devices, you can open Fortnite on one and watch the Twitch stream on the other so you can build along live. The stream will also be available to watch on-demand after its live broadcast, so you can watch and pause the tutorial to try out the tools at your own pace.


What do I need to play?

To follow the masterclass on Twitch, you just need a web browser. To build your own world, you’ll need to access the special Fortnite Creative game mode in Fortnite, which is free to download for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. To use Creative mode, we recommend using a console or PC/Mac rather than a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Here’s a link to the Virtual Factory island code.