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Manchester is building The Factory, a cultural space where the art of the future will be made. It’s currently under construction in the centre of the city – and for our new Virtual Factory series, we’ve invited some of the world’s most exciting artists to create online artworks that imagine the shape of things to come in MIF’s future home.

The first work in the Virtual Factory series is Your Progress Will Be Saved, an online experience created by elusive avatar artist LaTurbo Avedon that reimagines The Factory as a space within the hugely popular videogame Fortnite Creative. You can explore it now online for free – as a Fortnite player, on our special online adaptation of the game or via tours on the Twitch streaming platform. Learn more here and on the Virtual Factory website.

The four artists in the Virtual Factory series each use visual art, film and digital culture to reimagine our world and construct new worlds of their own. It continues later this year with new works by film director Jenn Nkiru, Turner Prize-winning visual artist Tai Shani and videogame developer Robert Yang, laying the foundations for what will be possible at our future home. But for now, join MIF and LaTurbo Avedon within Fortnite for a glimpse of the future – and of The Factory.


The Virtual Factory website has been tested by individuals with visual, auditory and learning disabilities and their recommendations have been incorporated where possible, though we recognise that the site will not be fully accessible for everyone. All visual assets will be subtitled and any live streams will have closed captions where possible. Where closed captions are not possible, transcripts will be made available. If you have any requests or suggestions about how we could make this site more accessible, please get in touch via