Booking information

Book tickets online here

MIF offers tickets for sale for some events via other approved agents which will be indicated on the event page. These may include the venue at which an event is held.

We strongly advise against booking via any other route than those detailed above.

Booking & transaction fees

Applicable fees will be listed on the event page.

Some events may be subject to per-customer ticket limits. Please check individual event pages for details.


MIF offers discounts to seniors (60+), children (under-16s), full-time students, jobseekers and disabled people. Discounted tickets are limited and subject to availability.

£10 Greater Manchester resident tickets scheme

A number of tickets for every performance will be available exclusively for Greater Manchester residents on a lower income at a price of just £10. Click here for more information on this scheme.

Access Information

For details of access provisions, please see here.

For instructions on how to book access tickets, please see here.

Age restrictions

Age guidelines for each event are specified on the event page.

Sending, collecting & lost tickets

E-tickets will be emailed at the time of booking. An e-ticket can be shown on a mobile device or printed on A4 paper for entry.

If you have not received your e-tickets from MIF  72 hours before the event, please contact us at

It is your responsibility to inform MIF of any change of email address.

Refunds & exchanges

Tickets cannot be returned, nor money refunded, except in the case of cancelled, rescheduled or sold out events. Please contact if you wish to return tickets to sold-out events or obtain a refund for cancelled or rescheduled events.

We cannot guarantee the resale of tickets which have been returned for sold-out events (so may not be able to provide a refund) but we will use reasonable efforts to resell the tickets on your behalf. Payments by MIF for cancelled, rescheduled or resold tickets will be made to the original method of payment.

Where possible, MIF will facilitate ticket exchange for an alternative performance of the same event. A £2 per ticket fee will apply.

Please read our full terms and conditions before purchase.

Ticket reselling

At MIF, we believe that all customers should be given an equal opportunity to buy tickets at face value, and we aim to stop the practice of reselling. Any tickets bought to be resold, whether at face value or at higher prices, will be immediately cancelled. Anyone found purchasing tickets for the purposes of resale will be refused tickets and entry for all other MIF events. All our events will have security checks, and you may be asked to provide proof of purchase from an authorised ticket agent.

Terms & conditions

  1. All tickets remain the property of Manchester International Festival (MIF).
  2. Tickets cannot be returned, nor money refunded.
  3. MIF reserves the right to make changes to the event where reasonably necessary to do so.
  4. Latecomers cannot be guaranteed entry.
  5. The use of cameras and audio/visual recording equipment is not permitted.
  6. By their attendance, ticket-holders consent to filming, sound recording and being photographed as members of the audience.
  7. The venue and/or MIF reserves the right to refuse admission.

When buying tickets, you will need to agree to our full terms and conditions, which can be found here.

MIF offers tickets for sale for some events via other approved agents which will be indicated on the events page. These may include the venue at which an event is held. If you use approved agents you are bound by these terms and conditions and those stated at the point of sale by the approved agent. If you are in any doubt as to whether an agent is approved or not, please contact

Privacy policy
For our full privacy and data protection policy, please click here.