A view of a dark pink forest seen from above. The trees are sinewy but full of leaves and of blossom. They almost look like veins and lung capillaries.

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Discover Virtual Factory, MIF’s digital series of online artworks that anticipate the opening of The Factory, our new home being built in the heart of Manchester.

Tai Shani

Front facing image of a white woman from above the neck. She has green cheeks and tied back auburn hair, a waterfall pouring out of her mouth. The background is dark and smoky.

Turner Prize winning-artist Tai Shani takes us beyond the merely mortal and into the mystic with The Neon Hieroglyph, her first online artwork. It’s the latest world premiere in Virtual Factory, an ongoing digital series inviting artists to imagine new virtual worlds in response to the physical architecture and artistic ambition of The Factory, MIF’s future home.